Nutritional Values of Yolé

Did you know Yole ice cream doesn't have any added sugar?

Why is Yolé the healthiest choice for you?

After many years of expert research, we were able to use Spain’s finest ingredients to develop
a unique recipe for the perfect ice-cream, full of taste and 0% added sugar.


The Lowest Calorie

Yole Lowest Calorie cup

Small Cup

Lowest Calorie cup table
Yole Lowest Calorie Ibiza

Medium Ibiza

Lowest Calorie Ibiza table

Brand Comparisons

How do We Compare
to Other Brands?

Store Product Comparison

Supermarket Product Comparison

Nutritional values per 100g

Example: Yolé Natural Strawberry vs Strawberry
from other large brands

All Information is retrieved as of November 2020

*According to Bloomberg 2020 Healthiest Country Index, Spain is the healthiest country worldwide

Low in calories, and never
compromising on taste

Yolé ice cream has less calories than any other brand on the ice cream market. With the use of premium natural
ingredients, we have created rich, full-flavored ice cream without adding any sugar.

Yole Strawberry Low Calories Comparison
Yole Natural Yogurt Low Calories Comparison
Yole Chocolate Low Calories Comparison

According to U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. FoodData Central, 2020.

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