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  • Are we gluten free?

    YES! Yolé desserts are gluten-free. Dig in our frozen yogurt and ice cream without any worry but look out for the toppings you are choosing.

  • Is Yolé frozen yougurt and ice cream halal-certified?

    YES! We are glad to inform you that our frozen yogurt and ice cream are halal certified.

  • Does Yolé contain lactose?

    Our products contain milk hence it contains lactose.

  • How does Yolé make its products?

    Our traditional ice cream and frozen yogurt contains dairy milk, cream, and yogurt. Our plant-based ice cream contains oat milk, and fresh fruits. Bothe products contain a combination of natural polyalcohols.

  • How does Yolé make its plant-based ice cream?

    Our plant-based ice cream is made from oat milk and natural ingredients. It is fully vegan and made from plant sources.

  • Is Yolé vegan?

    Yolé contains milk and is not vegan.

  • Is Yolé vegetarian?

    Our ice cream and frozen yogurt are suitable for vegetarians, although some of our toppings may contain traces of animal products.

  • Is there any sugar on the Yolé products?

    Cow´s milk contains natural sugar in the lactose. Of course, we don´t use refined sugar or add any type of sugar into our products.

  • How does Yole sweeten its products?

    We use a combination of natural polyalcohols, like erythritol. We avoid using ´bad´sweeteners like aspartame and saccharin.

  • How is Yolé low in calories?

    Yolé is low in calories because we don't add any sugar and we use skimmed milk.

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