Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

Our Signature Product

Soft-serve ice cream with zero added sugar available in small, medium, and large cups with delicious toppings.
Also available in plant-based format made of oat milk, for those who follow a vegan diet.

Yolé Twist

Enjoy Yolé with a twist

Enjoy Yolé with a twist. Made with frozen yogurt or ice cream with healthy choices of fruits mixed with crunchy toppings.
A delicious dessert with low calories and zero added sugar.


Maximum satisfaction in every bite

Fruity, crunchy, and healthy, Ibiza has maximum satisfaction in every bite.
At only 65 calories per 100ml, it is a healthier option than other ice cream brands.

Bubble Waffle

The perfect balance between soft and crispy

The perfect balance between soft and crispy, a freshly made bubble waffle served with ice cream or
frozen yogurt. This one of a kind Yolé Bubble Waffle has zero added sugar in its mix.

Yolé Shake

Yolé for your drinking pleasure

Yolé Shakes are made of frozen yogurt or ice cream with zero added sugar,
and available in 4 different delicious flavors for your drinking pleasure.

Yolé Frappe

First No Sugar Added Frappe in the world

First 0% added sugar frappe in the world, a perfect blend of high-quality coffee and Yolé Ice Cream.
Made for coffee lovers, available in Hazelnut and Classic frappe.


Yolé served in freshly made cones

Yole’s cones with zero added sugar will not only satisfy your love for ice cream
but also surprise you with the cone that is freshly made just for you.

Waffle Bowl

Waffle Bowl is what you call happiness in a bowl. We bet you haven’t had a more
delicious bowl with the most delicious ice cream in it.

Yolé Box

Enjoy Yolé takeaway box with free toppings

Enjoy a Yolé takeaway box with free toppings, so you can eat your favorite
ice cream at home with your family and friends.

Yolé Boba

For boba lovers

Yolé Boba drink is a delicious and revitalizing blend of tea, Yolé Ice Cream, and tasty tapioca beads.
Get this refreshing boba drink available in 2 flavors.

Hot Drinks

Something to keep you warm

Yole’s hot drinks are a spot-on blend of Yole’s amazing variety.
With the perfect froth and whipped cream, the lotus adds to the excitement

Products in Supermarkets

Ice cream Bars

Worlds first 0% sugar added ice cream bars

Yolé Ice Cream Bars are a wonderful way to eat a dessert on-the-go. Available in major supermarkets near you.

Yolé Tubs

Your favourite Yolé now available in tubs

What could be better than a tub full of ice cream? Yolé tubs are now available at stores, offering 17 different
yummy flavors and low calories. The flavors are unique and so delicious.

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