Plant Based And Sugar Free IceCream Franchise

0% Sugar Added

World First Soft & Zero Sugar Ice Cream
Healthy Frozen Yogurt

A new way to understand the world of ice cream

1st Brand in the world offering soft - serve ice cream and ice cream tubs for all distribution channels

Different types of Yolé franchises: kiosks, foodtrucks and stores

Healthy option, no sugar added and full of flavor

Made in Spain with natural products

Fewer calories

Sustainable packaging and kiosks meeting all environmental guidelines

Multinational brand under D+1 Holding present in several countries

0% Sugar Added

World First Soft Ice Cream
and Frozen Yogurt


Well known F&B group founded
by Spaniards in Southeast Asia.


Creators of highly innovative
brands with great investment in R&D.


Training and continuous follow up.


Low initial investment thanks to the development of sustainable concepts that do not need a large initial investment.

Type of units

  • Yole Kiosk
  • Yole Store
  • Yole Foodtruck


Why Invest In Yolé

Unique Products

There is no other frozen dessert brand in the world that approaches all channels with healthier products, the consumer will not notice that they are enjoying an ice cream without added sugars.

High Profitability

Recover your investment in less than a year and reach a high net profit.

Low Investment

The Yolé solution does not require a large initial investment... just the desire to become a brand that is setting the milestone in the ice cream sector.

Guest Area

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